1997 – 2000      Film & Camera @ the Academy of Applied Science in Dortmund

2000 – 2004     Media Art & Design @ Bauhaus University in Weimar

2004                  Diploma – „Soundpropagation in Steelplates – from Material to audible Space“


activities in soundart and computer music

In live electronics he has been part of div. concert projects since 2005 all over europe. main interests are focused in the field of live electronics and the relationship between improvisation and sonic architecture, expression and duration of sound as specific material and the development of new improvisation strategies. Between 2009 to 2015 he curated a concert series for improvised music klangkunstprojekte in leipzig. He is part of the european network of free music improvisers.

In soundart he has been active since mid 90`s exploring and experimenting with all kinds of sounding and vibrating materials in workshop settings and public space especially focussing on metal materials. Beneath of this musical discourse he concentrated his expertise in manipulation of spatial dimensions by vibrating materials such as metal plates and the vibrating architecture itself.


media art tech

working as sound- and media technician for diverse artists such as Bill Viola, Robin Minard, Marina Abramovic, Studio Azzurro, Gary Hill, Jill Scott etc. Since 2007 he is senior master technician for Bill Viola Studio. He is also working as rack designer and exploring the field of restoration of media art works.