improvised music @ KKP/M89

improv2013 @ KKP

improv2013 @ KKP: nicolas wiese, sophia borges, sebastien branche, christof knoche, joris ruehl, tomek gadezki, rafal mazur (left to right)

Klangkunstprojekte/ KKP is a SoundartProject that deals with experimental and improvised music. From 2009 to 2015 monthly salonConcerts have been happening with musicians from all over europe and abroad. The space is a private space in the east of leipzig/germany, the audience is small and curious. 

In 2012 and 2013 a symposium for improvised music have been taken place on the attic of the building with ensembleConcerts every evening. The symposium came along with lectures by the guestMusicians, in 2013 the symposium was supported by Deutscher Musikrat and the City of Leipzig. Since oct. 2015 the space is run by sebastièn branche (->

Musicians having been played at KKP:

    ken aldcroft – usa, guitar
    bruno angeloni – it, sopranoSaxophone
    antez – fr, drums, objects
    pierre-antoine badaroux – fr, alto saxophone
    andre bartetzki – d, laptop, objects
    felicie bazelaire – fr, cello
    sebastien beliah – can, double bass
    johanna bernard – d, violin
    loic bertrand – fr, flute, clarinet
    david birchall – uk, guitar, objects
    sindre bjerga – no, tapes, objects, voice
    bàlint bolcsó – hu, electronics
    cyril bondi – ch, drums
    pierre borel – fr, saxophone, field recordings, found objects
    sofia borges – d, percussion+laptop
    alexej borisov – rus, guitar, electronics
    sebastien branche – fr, saxophone, objects
    hannes buder – d, guitar, objects
    candid – usa, electronics, tapes
    isaiah ceccarelli – can, drums
    julien chamla – fr, drums
    d`incise – ch, laptop, electronics
    jean dousteyssier – fr, cello
    drekka – usa, voice, tapes. Electronics
    hannah ellul – no, voice, synth, objects
    bernard falaise – can, guitar
    jan fanfare – clavinet D6, voice, looper, harmonica
    dario fariello – it, saxophone
    christian fischer – d, laptop
    adrian fiskum myhr – no, double bass
    tomek gadezki – pl, saxophone
    jean brice godet – fr, clarinet
    emilio gordoa – mx, vibraphone, percussion, objects
    willi hanne – d, drums
    günter heinz – d, trombone
    ludger hennig – d, laptop, objects
    simon henocq – fr, laptop
    antonin-tri hoang – fr, cello
    johannes keller – d, double bass
    ben knight – uk, voice, synth, objects
    christof knoche – usa, bass clarinet
    kirk knuffke – usa, cornet
    christian kobi – ch, sopranoSaxophone
    antoine lang – ch, electric bass
    léa lanoe – fr, video
    helmut lemke – d, sachen
    karsten lipp – d, baritone guitar, electronics
    inga margarete aas – no, double bass
    markus markowski – d, guitar, objects, laptop
    rafal mazur – pl, acoustic bass
    alejandro montes de oca – mx, laptop, things
    christian mueller – ch, bass clarinet
    henrik munkeby noersteboe – no, trombone
    niline – fr, ambient
    olga nosova – rus, objects, electronics
    caro olbertz – d, voice, electronics
    aleksander olszewski – percussion, voice, small blowable things
    mehmet can özer – tr, laptop
    andrew perry – uk, voice, electronics
    julien pontvianne – fr, cello
    luke poot – uk, voice, electronics
    marco quaresimin – fr. double bass
    robert rehnig – d, laptop, objects
    paul n roth – usa, alto saxophone
    joris ruehl – fr, clarinet
    simon rose – saxophones
    christoph scherbaum – d, guitar, electronics
    daniel schulz – d, toyPiano, electronics
    stefan schultze – d, prep. piano
    sciss – d, laptop
    richard scott – uk, electronics
    maciej sledziecki – d, guitar
    rudolf terland bjoernerem – no, guitar
    scott thomson – usa, trombone
    joss turnbull – d, tumbak
    johannes v. buttlar – d, drums
    adam webster – cello, looper, voice
    sebastian wendt – d, clarinet
    christian windfield – d, percussion, objects
    hainer wörmann – d, paper, objects
    michelle yom – d, flute
    mia zabelka – au, violin, electronics
    joshua zubot – can, violin